Has anyone ever thought (okay sure you have) that our society is a big mess?

I mean, we work like dogs, most of us, or we are underemployed and struggling to find work. Many are embarrassed to take money from the social safety net, even though that's what it's there for and why be embarrassed? (Puritan flashback prolly) PLUS! A lot of rich guys want to take that social safety net away so that ... people can starve and die? That appears to be the aim, because without the jobs, what else will there be?

Even if you love a job, the odds of it paying a great salary aren't terrific.

We borrow tons of money to live in houses owned by the bank, pay lots of money to be trained for jobs that evidently no longer exist. Our society does not value the education of our children. Our society worships those with money, so much so that, as a majority, the rich have managed to rig the system so that they often pay less, percentage wise, back into the system than someone who makes much less money. It reminds me of the episode from Black Mirror where the people live in little grey boxes and compete on reality shows and bicycle to bring energy to everyone else. There could be another way, but no one will fight it. Really evil, stupid people are the ones who appear to be attracted to the jobs where they can control and lead things, and very few people doing that job are good guys. People with brown skin are mostly treated like crap for ... well hell ... there is no actual reason. Money is imaginary, but everyone pretends having more makes you a more worthy person. A person who has something imaginary. And everyone walks around acting like the gardener or the teacher is doing a less important job than a person who recites lines in front of a screen very convincingly. Or maybe not even that convincingly.


I know all of you know all this. I'm just really sick of people pretending that this way, which is kind of terrible and toxic, is the only way to live. As for the government, I have no desire to make the government my Dad. Gross. I want public SERVANTS. You know, people who work for their constituents, as opposed to working for some corporation that sells toilet paper. Freaking toilet paper.

Ah hell. I'm just tired of the way a lot of people participate in this lie of what good government or what a good society is because those people want something that isn't their right to ask for, but they want to ask for it anyway, like the rights to control someone's personal life in particular ways.

I mean, what the heck is going on? I watch the news now, WHEN IT'S ON THE NEWS (because sometimes it is not—gee, thanks for preempting that presidential speech that time), and I am just ... I feel like screaming. And don't get me started on arguing with those that are fooled. They bring no facts to the table and run away if overpowered with actual evidence, screeching "Socialism" behind themselves, even though they have not the slightest idea what that word means.

Again, this is news to exactly no one here. I guess I've just reached a bit of a moment or something. Sorry for the rant. Having an episode. Not publishing this on Groupthink. Only here.

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